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To our beloved friends and family - 

We've postponed having to do this, well, because frankly we don’t want to. We've waited for more information to roll in on what is expected from closures and social distancing. 

Ahh, but here it is the dreaded notification we have come to make. With COVID19 running savagely through our community, we have no choice but to temporarily “go dark” and stop shows indefinitely. We don’t want this to be but following the rules we must. 
Our season was fun-filled and we were ready to implement new adventures for the community and for our troupe.
There are so many emotions and feelings to have to all of this but the one thing that hurts the most, is not being able to perform for all of you. To create magic on our stage is what our crew and performers troupe live for. 
With heavy hearts we ask you to help us stay open as well. Currently we are stopping and turning off a lot of our utilities in order to bring the cost down drastically. 
We do have a donation link embedded throughout our website, if you so kindly choose to help us. Five dollars would make a difference to help us stay afloat. 
We still can’t believe this is happening to our community but we are doing everything to make sure the theater is clean for when you do come back. 

We will keep you updated on new developments and new timelines! Consider subscribing to our newsletters to receive updates to your email. 

Until the next time we see you,
Stay healthy, go outside, find peace and call your elderly love ones. 

Remember this is only an intermission.

-The Bayou Playhouse family


Welcome to our new site

We are currently creating a new home for our site. With loads of information, a sleek new design and a cozy feel. We want you to know, that without your constant support we couldn't do anything. We are so grateful to have all of you by our sides through this time. YOU do not go unnoticed. So hang tight as we bring you something wonderful. 
We love you all,
Bayou Playhouse


We Need You

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Thank you for being patient with us and the world at this time. Thank you for understanding why we can't open in these uncertain times. Please help us stay open by donating. Just five dollars could help.
Thank you, Bayou Playhouse Krewe.


"Creativity takes courage"

Henri Matisse


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