A letter to you -

May 15, 2020

To my family of theater kids, 

Times are different and unknowing right now - and I for once, am not sure how things are going to go.

I am constantly thinking about the future of our summer program and how we can go about 'doing theater like things' in a safe and healthy way for the summer. Have I figured all the details out? Big no. Am I trying to figure it out? Every single second I am trying to figure something out. But needless to say, I am trying to make this summer a very special one NO matter what we end up having to do. 

Things are still being decided, and once a decision has come to pass you will be hearing from me. 

Till then,

I love you all, 



Lil' Rougarou Troupe

2020 camp registration form

Download the PDF file of the camp registration - PLEASE be aware that dates WILL BE WRONG but costs will be the same.

We will keep everyone posted on dates for ANNIE JR. as COVID19 quarantine becomes clear. 

Thank you for being patient and understanding. 

****Don't pay for CAMP until dates have been set!****


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